24th – 26th October 2016 | DoubleTree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Day 1

08:00 - 09:00 Registration & networking coffee

09:00 - 09:10 Welcome address

09:10 - 09:20 Opening remarks from conference chair

Ray Simonson, Ceo,coreworx inc


Ray Simonson

coreworx inc

09:20 - 09:40 Interactive session: Icebreaker: What are your conference objectives?

Ray Simonson, Ceo,coreworx inc
To boost networking and interactivity,
the conference will begin with an
opportunity for everybody to get to know
one another. Attendees will then have 15
minutes to discuss their key objectives
for attending the conference which will
be used to influence discussions throughout
the entire conference. At the end of the
second day the objectives will be reviewed
and there will be further opportunities to
discuss any remaining points.

Ray Simonson

coreworx inc

09:40 - 10:20 Veja Mate A 400MW North Sea Project: Interface Management within the offshore wind industry

Mads Bernitt, Interface Manager,Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH
  • Address the process of installation in offshore wind projects
  • Utilise Interface Management when constructing 100 structures in collaboration with contractors working offshore
  • Examine best practice for interfaces during the design and construction phase: 3D model use, mock-up trials and design workshops

Mads Bernitt

Interface Manager
Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH

10:20 - 11:00 New directions and new tools for Interface Management

Sirous Yasseri, Senior Energy Researcher,Bruenl University
  • Design Structure Matrix (DSM) for activity mapping and workflow
  • Project control Using DSM and its relationship with Gantt and CPM
  • How DSM works
  • Managing interface using DSM
  • Interface risk quantification
  • Subsea production case study

Sirous Yasseri

Senior Energy Researcher
Bruenl University

11:00 - 11:30 Morning break and networking opportunity

11:30 - 12:10 Overcoming blockers to effective Interface Management in the rail industry

Doug Steptoe, Principle Systems Engineer,Mott MacDonald Jon Stovell, Senior Systems Engineer,Mott MacDonald
  • Interface Management can be seen as a complex, expensive process. "Interface Management is not a deliverable, so why do it?¨
  • Designers too busy to assist with effective Interface Management. "They know what they are doing"¨
  • Construction contractors not buying in the Interface Management process. "We don't normally do it like this¨
  • Programme misalignment between stakeholders. "We are not starting our design for another 2 years¨
  • Selling the benefits of effective Interface Management.
  • Use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) in Interface Management - a panacea for all ills - or is it?
  • Using Interface Management to define an agreed baseline

Doug Steptoe

Principle Systems Engineer
Mott MacDonald


Jon Stovell

Senior Systems Engineer
Mott MacDonald

12:10 - 12:50 How to manage the interfaces between multiple projects for different clients (management interface not scope interface)

Haitham Mokhtar, Senior Project Engineer,ADMA-OPCO
  • Different stake holder’s requirements and how these can be effectively managed
  • Understanding how the scope can vary and how best to respond to this
  • How can we build and tailor a template to enable more effective Interface Management?

Haitham Mokhtar

Senior Project Engineer

12:50 - 13:30 Interactive roundtable: Business interruption of new projects

This discussion will be led by the facilitator, but involve all participants tackling specific challenges in this space, before the groups deliver back their findings providing all participants with a range of practical solutions to take back to your teams.

13:30 - 14:30 Lunch and networking opportunity

14:30 - 15:10 Reducing the impact of human error with technology

Muhannad Abou Saleh, Senior Project Engineer,Petrofac International Ltd.
  • Utilising software programs to enhance the management of interfaces and ensure its efficacy to limit miscommunication
  • Enriching your interface management processes with technology to manage productivity and efficiency of workloads
  • Preventing and preparing for risks and complexities through scanning of associated components and employee deviation

Muhannad Abou Saleh

Senior Project Engineer
Petrofac International Ltd.

15:10 - 15:50 Plant disinvestment, revamping and shut-down: How Interface Management follows the project strategy

Armando Bianco, Interface Manager,SAIPEM
  • Reverse engineering: Design of new facilities in brown field areas
  • Identification of critical tie-ins either mechanical or of control systems to minimise shut-down
  • Reverse planning: Dismantling prior to construction
  • Split of work between main contractor and operation to perform the work safely and to assure a smooth start-up
  • Subcontracting plans versus direct-hiring for dismantling activities

Armando Bianco

Interface Manager

15:50 - 16:20 Afternoon break and networking opportunity

16:20 - 17:00 Strategy, system and structure in Interface Management

John Thropp, Interface Lead, Maria project,Wintershall Norge AS
  • Strategy: Interface Management plan, procedures, getting buy-in from management and other stakeholders
  • Getting the contracts right
  • System: An Interface Management software tool – how you exchange information
  • Structure: Defining the roles and responsibilities
  • Clarifying the Scope Of Work (SOW) and the battery limits / interface points
  • Use of tools such as interface matrix tables

John Thropp

Interface Lead, Maria project
Wintershall Norge AS

17:00 - 17:30 Closing remarks from conference chair

17:30 - 21:00 Evening Reception and Riverboat Cruise on The Thames

Please join us for our complimentary boat reception, enjoying the sights and sounds of London whilst continuing discussions from the days proceedings